How we work > Close learning

We use a form of development architecture to design and facilitate evolving multi-level, four dimensional practice improvement processes:

• The PERSON or individual stream uses solo and one to one methods to focus on enhancing individual capability by inquiring into what gives life and what sustains excellence in their own practice

• The PRACTICE or relationship stream uses group coaching processes to help individuals translate individual ideas into building more responsive and timely working practices by learning through action

• The PERSPECTIVE or culture stream involves the broader partnership in workshop type events to create new strategic intelligence to better exploit group strengths in more coherent and collaborative ways

• The PUBLIC or context stream uses a variety of web based and other communication technologies to inform, engage, and diffuse experience and learning to interested parties in the wider context in which the partnerships performs and seeks support

In how they respond in their own creative ways to the different perspectives they encounter in these diverse learning streams, we hope everybody becomes more mindful of what they are doing, why they are doing it, and most importantly, what the effects of what they're doing might be, on themselves, on others, and on the wider community. By this we mean that all of us:

• become more aware and committed to living the values embedded in our practices
• make sense of the meaning and consider the consequences of our actions and interactions with others
• notice contradictions in everyday practice and how we can work together to reduce these
• look for variety in the action we and colleagues consider and how we take it
• take timely action to adjust goals and adapt practices to get and stay on track

The development architecture and facilitation processes we use constitute a receptive, responsive, and systemic way of working on development, which we call close learning